Ferramentas e bibliotecas

  1. CARRETE, L. F.; CASTANARES, M.; DAMIANI, E.; BARTH, F.. DSSE: Drone Swarm Search Environment. 2023. The Drone Swarm Search project is an environment, based on PettingZoo, that is to be used in conjunction with multi-agent (or single-agent) reinforcement learning algorithms. It is an environment in which the agents (drones), have to find the targets (shipwrecked people). The agents do not know the position of the target, and do not receive rewards related to their own distance to the target(s). However, the agents receive the probabilities of the target(s) being in a certain cell of the map. The aim of this project is to aid in the study of reinforcement learning algorithms that require dynamic probabilities as inputs.

  2. ANDRADE, J.; SILVA, W.; SANTOS, G.; BARTH, F.. MLBugDetection. 2022. Machine learning explainability and unexpectated behaviors detection. Most machine learning explainability packages requires both trained models and the training data to create Explainer objects that explain the model's behavior. This package allows ceteris paribus analysis of features using only the trained model and one or more input samples.